Welcome to Bergen Pinball Club.

Bergen Pinball Club was founded in 2016 and has evolved from a small club to a club that offers a great number of well-maintained games in a wide range, from all ages. The Club is a members club run by volunteers and offers different memberships and all kind of arrangements to spread the magic of pinball. We do not have regular opening hours but will still be available and open for visitors quite regularly.

Reviews from our devoted visitors:

"Can’t even begin to explain how awesome this place is!! If you like pinball, even just a little, this is a must do. The place is like a blast from the past and definitely one of my favorite things to do in Bergen." Justin Roberts.

"Great club, fantastic host. Amazing collection." Tim Laning.

"Behind the inconspicuous facade (in an office building) is one of the most impressive pinball machine collections in Scandinavia and all of Europe." 

"Bergen is full of obvious beauty but it is the hidden gems that really make it. One such gem is this pinball club and the enthusiasts who run it and reside there. The machines are well looked after and there is always someone on hand to support or advise, or just to join you in some multiplayer action." Robert Greenock

"An amazing place! Room upon room with pinball machines of all ages in a hospitable and welcoming environment, regardless of skill level. Recommended!" Maia Urstad.

"This club has developed to have Norway's best selection of pinball machines gathered in one place, and the games are in good technical condition. Very pleasant and inclusive atmosphere, and players of all levels. Highly recommended!" Bård Larsen.

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Admission fee is NOK 150,- for 3 hours.

On Drop in and special Fridays admission is half price (NOK 75,-). We will have open some days in the summer, it will be announced here.

Some times its even free...!

Welcome to the club!


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